The REVOLUTION in communication is comming..

.. right here ..

Imagine a world where Internet providers are no longer necessary to communicate

Imagine a world where you are no longer dependant on telephone or internet providers

where no one is able to inviligate or block what your are saying - a world of complete freedem of communication

A world where everyone is able to share everything .. FREELY

How it works ?

In a couple of words - it's simple. You pick up a phone from your pocket and you are able to see everyone in your area.
You can scroll thourgh everyone near you, see their avatars, their description etc.

Every message you write is bound to your location. You can specify the range at which you broadcast let it be the current building, classrom, workplace..
.. or you may choose to broadcast further.. let it be 3,6, 40 or 100km

It's your choice what you broadcast. You are completely anonymous. You just choose your avatar and 'momento'.

We said internet is not required didn't we ?

At the bottom of the application there is a small slider. Move it to the left - your messages will be delivered only to people nearby using..
wireless commucation of your mobile such as Bluetooth or WiFi.

.. keep moving the slider to the right and your mobile will broadcast messages further and further.. taking use of the Internet.

We all know that bluetooth has a limited range; right?

The messages which you broacast will be jumping from one phone to another in order to increase range ~ there are no limits.

The more people use our freely available project the more likely it is that you won't be needing Internet connectivity to communicate with others.

With Locayt you will be able to see all the people who are at the party without the need for GPS. Their profile information will be disovered via Bluetooth.
If you stay at the party or any kind of meeting for at least 15 minuts, then you are guaranteed to see everyone who is using our application.

The battery drain is minimal. It takes only about 1% of your battery life.


and there are.. endless possibilities..


Imagine there is something interesting happening in another city or at the other end of the world.. just start typing the name of the place (City / Country / Stadion or a Club!).
In a couple of seconds your phone will act is if you were actually there.. check out what's going on right there, with no biased information.
You will see what people are saying in that particular place or region and you will be able to broadcast messages to them as if you were right there!
.. click your Home button and you are back to your real location.

It's THAT simple.

From sharing funny photos with a couple of friends who are right near you - to seeing what's happening at the other end of the world.. or maybe you just need a helpful hand from your neighborhood?


Locayt does it all. Freelly. With no cost or advertisments.

That's a complete revolution in how we communicate. Join us today.

Available now on Google Play Store..